Comic Prose

I’ve been writing comic prose since I was 5 and getting rejection
letters from The New Yorker – some personalized! – since I was 22.
Click images at bottom for three of the most distinguished rejectees.

“Henri Doupier: Man or Myth?  Or Man?”
(below) is in the
Sherman Oaks Review of Books

“Alumni Notes” (below) appears in abridged
in “May Contain Nuts” (HarperCollins)

1/3 of “Little-Known Points of Law” appears
the humor magazine The American Bystander
(available only in print)(!)

During Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign,
he said Michigan trees were “the right height”.

For a tree’s heartfelt rebuttal, click here.


I have essays in three anthologies…

“The F-Word” in “Faith: Believers, Agnostics and Atheists Con-
front the Big Questions”
(Simon & Schuster/Beyond Words)
Click here for excerpt.

“It’s Complicated” in “Robin Williams: Essays on the Man
and the Movies” – 
Johnson Cheu, ed. (McFarland; forthcoming)

“Ha!/Aah!: The Painful Relationship Between Humor and Horror”
in “Horrific Humor and the Moment of Droll Grimness
in Cinema: Sidesplitting sLaughter” (Lexington)

John A. Dowell, ed. (forthcoming)
Click here for beginning.

And here’s my interview about writing,
screen and otherwise, in Script Magazine.


I occasionally blog for The Huffington Post; during the “Ground Zero
controversy, I presented my fool-proof plan to terror-proof America.