June 10, 2017: The Victory Theatre Center (Burbank, Cal.)
presents a 
reading of this political romantic comedy-drama
about a group of college students in 1970 
who take over
the Dean’s office to protest the Vietnam war.

3 PM; free and open to the public.



Thanks to everyone – especially the cast, crew, director and theater –
who made the 
Skylight Theatre’s workshop production of “Occupied”
such a wonderful experience.

(I reveal the shocking secrets behind
my theatrical creative process here.)

$10,000 was raised for the production through Kickstarter.
(Though, greedy bastards that we are, we’d love some more.)


A romantic comedy-drama about students in 1970 who take over the college president’s office to protest the Vietnam War, “Occupied” is based very very loosely on some of my experiences at Pomona College. Except at the building we took over, it was a cold morning and the faculty brought us coffee. Oh, and I didn’t get the girl.

How was I able to capture the spirit, language and cultural references of the time so brilliantly?, I hear me asking. By collaborating with someone who was there – the 26-year-old me, who wrote a version of it after college.

You can read the opening here…


Occupied beginning
Back: Andrew Adams, Joey Millin, Joe Fillipone, Will Munroe, Kristen Descombes
Middle: Tess Vidal, Jeremy Guskin, A.J. Helfet, Patrick Dillon Curry
Front: Casey Sullivan, Whitney Nielsen

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