Doug & Cindy

Scripts are like children – there’s always one you want to sell.

Of the half-hours I’ve written, one especially stands out. Everyone who reads this spec pilot seems to have the same two responses: very good, and it can never get made. (Which seems to be proving true.)

I wrote it because once I had the idea of exploring the married lives of Cind- erella and Prince Charming twenty years later, I couldn’t not. Read it here.


The Writers Guild of America, west hosted two readings of
“Doug & Cindy”, one with
Jason Alexander, Ed Asner,
Charles Shaughnessy, Kristen Miller and Phil Proctor


Back: Steven Paul Leiva (WGAw), Jeff Reno (“Duckman”, “She Spies”),
Steve Chivers (WGAw), The Author, Charles Shaughnessy, Doug Molitor,
Zondra Wilson, Phil Proctor, Ron Osborn (“Duckman”, “She Spies”)
Middle: Kristen Miller (“She Spies”), Melinda Peterson, Jason Alexander (“Duckman”)
Front: Jeremy Guskin (“Occupied”), Whitney Nielsen (“Occupied”), Ed Asner, Alice Lunsford

and another with…

  Miller-Staahl     Guskin-Proctor

Kristen Miller, Jim Staahl (“Mork and Mindy”) / Jeremy Guskin, Phil Proctor

Abatemarco-Lunsford-Cabral     Valenti-Nielsen

Tony Abatemarco (“Occupied”), Alice Lunsford, Angelique Cabral / Chris Valenti, Whitney Nielsen

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