I wrote and directed two episodes of this syndicated horror anthology series in the late 80’s.

Tempestt Bledsoe, Steve Harper

I remember my first shot as a director.  It was pretty complicated – four actors, the camera had a big move, and I was nervous.  I kneeled, concentrating, taki- ng in the scene, but soon realized no one was doing anything. And time was passing, on a shoot with a very tight schedule. I started getting irritated – what were they all waiting for?

That’s when the Assistant Director came over and whispered “You have to say ‘Action’.”


Teaching zombie etiquette

“My Zombie Lover” (originally titled “Night of the Loving Dead”, changed out of concern that George Romero might become unhappy) was about a teen who rises from the grave to ask a girl to the prom.

In this script excerpt, Dotty’s over her initial shock, and she and Paul are get- ting romantic…

My Zombie Lover (excerpt)

My favorite part: Dotty resists and Paul asks “Is it because I’m dead?” (Dot- ty: “No, it’s just that we’re in different places right now.”) 



Director & zombie 35 years later. Incredibly, neither has aged.


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