Mork & Mindy

My first real job in show biz and what a thrill: a #1 show right out of the box.  Robin was brilliant, the writing staff congenial.  I have stories, of course, but this isn’t the time or place.  Get me drunk and I’ll tell all.

Robin Williams, Pam Dawber

Funniest line of the show, IMHO, was by writer Tom Tenowich.  Our guest star was a blind singer-songwriter and we wrote some of his real-life abilities into the script; he played golf and sky- dived.  “Woah,” said Mork.  “I bet the toughest part is hearing the dog scream on the way down.”

My favorite me-line was in an episode where Mork thought he had to register as an alien.  He goes to the post office and fills out a form: “Name — Mork from Ork.  Education — P.S. One Million Six.  Graduation Date — Mary Lou Zombax.”  Pause, then a roar from the studio audience, and I was happy hearing America laugh at a joke I’d made up in 7th grade.

The credited writer of a sitcom episode is lucky to get any lines in the actual show.  I got lucky on “Mork’s Greatest Hit”; a lot of it’s actually mine.  (Not the ending, but that’s another story.)

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Left: My Credo (from an unproduced “Mork” script; click image for large view)



I was co-host for the tapings, which explains the incredibly stylish outfit.