Although my only sketch employment has been a brief guest writer stint
on “Saturday Night Live”, I’ve written a few and present three herewith.


“RESTAURANT” was an early piece that got me hired for “Mork and Mindy”. Later, my manager Buddy Morra got me on SNL just to see “Restaurant” pro- duced but it proved too challenging to stage (the horse didn’t help).



“PAMELA’S BREASTS” was written for Pamela Stephenson at SNL in 1984, but not produced; 16 years later, a similar bit aired with Britney Spears.

Pamela’s Breasts


Pamela as Cyndi Lauper presents the concise biography of a renowned Welsh poet to the tune of “She Bop”:

Dyl-an / Dylan Thomas
Dyl-an / Dylan Thomas
Dyl-an / Dylan Thomas
e drank.


“THE STRAIGHT GUY” is, y’know, just something I like.

The Straight Guy